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Roger Burrows

Mobile: 07805592781

Post: 1 St John’s Cottage, Hall Road, Mount Bures, CO8 5AR

Email: [email protected]


I began thatching in 2012 after realising I wanted to work outside and learn a traditional craft. After asking several thatchers if they would take me on, I started working for someone on a casual basis. Since then I have put all of my effort into thatching and what it has given me in return is a job that I love and a craft that is, to this day, still thriving. I trained for 6 years as an apprentice and then began working for myself in 2018. Since then I have run my business, still enjoy the work and have a huge appreciation for what thatching has given me.

I work around the Essex & Suffolk border in both long straw and water reed and cover all aspects of thatching work. I use as many of the traditional methods and materials as I can because I believe it is important to maintain and protect the skills craftsmen have used before me for hundreds of years.

When I’m not on a roof I can usually be found climbing a mountain in either the UK or Europe. I’m always happy to talk about thatching and will gladly offer advice to potential or current thatch owners.

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