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The Thatcher's Craft Paperback – 1977
by W. E. C. Morgan (Author), F. W. Cooper (Author)

Thatching and Thatched Buildings Paperback – 30 Apr 1998

East Anglian Crafts

Norman Smedley
Published by Batsford, 1977

Akenfield: Portrait of an English Village

Paperback – Sep 2000 by Ronald Blythe

Thatch and Thatching (Shire Album)

Paperback – 1 Apr 2004

Straw and Straw Craftsmen (Shire Album, No 76)

Paperback – 14 May 1981 by Arthur R. Staniforth (Author)

Memoirs of a Thatching Family 1860-1968

Paperback – Mar 1995 by B.S. Reeve

The National Thatching Straw Growers Association

British Reed Growers' Association

Historic England & National Thatching Straw Growers Association Thatch Supply Research

Thatch and Thatching: a guidance note

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