The EAMTA, The East Anglia Master Thatchers Association, covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex & Hertfordshire.

Established 70 years ago, the East Anglia Master Thatchers Association represents a select group of thatchers from across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire. Each member has been invited to join only after thorough and detailed assessment of their work by existing members - thus ensuring the association's unequalled standards and specifications remain the most rigorous in the country.

It means each master thatcher's work is guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality - and through sharing his knowledge, skills and experience with fellow members the association's standards continue to lead the thatching industry.

Furthermore, as an organisation deeply involved with the promotion of thatch and thatching, East Anglia Master Thatchers Association carries out research into all current issues facing the industry, provides information for historic conservation offices, and trains the next generation of master thatchers.

By choosing a member of the EAMTA, you are guaranteed thatching work of the highest quality.

Origins and Aims

The East Anglia Master Thatchers Association came into being after the Second World War, when band of Suffolk thatchers got together to form an organisation dedicated to maintaining the standards of thatching  excellence found throughout the county.

By 1949, the Suffolk Master Thatchers Association had been established.

Then, in 1988, a regional body covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire and known as the East Anglia Master Thatchers Association came into being.

The aims of the association are as follows:

  • To maintain and promote the highest standards of work within the thatching industry
  • To provide thatch owners with a highly satisfactory and dependable service
  • To give expert advice and up to date information
  • To help thatch owners find a thatcher
  • To ensure the regional characteristics and local knowledge of thatching techniques survive
  • To promote and carry out research into thatching and related matters, such as long straw production
  • To share information relevant to thatching with other professionals, such as architects, planners and conservation officers
  • To assist anyone wishing to become involved in the thatching industry.


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